Regatta Great Outdoors is a family owned outdoor and leisure clothing company founded in the UK in 1981 with one simple mission. They wanted to produce affordable clothing not only for adventurers, but for those who wanted to open their front door and just have fun. It’s a mission that has stood the test of time and had led the company to be one of the leading players in the outdoor clothing world. A workforce of just 12 in 1981 has now grown to over 400, with a state-of- the-art headquarters in Manchester and a warehousing operation near Liverpool. It exports its wares to more than 55 countries through a network of sales offices across Europe. The company’s philosophy of producing affordable clothes that look as at home on the school run or for leisure wear as they do out hillwalking, held them in good stead. The brand is very highly regarded for its stylish yet weatherproofed looks, and is loved by ramblers, amblers, hikers and bikers, campers and gardeners, daily commuters, dog walkers and multi-tasking mums and dads, puddle-loving kids, urban roamers and outdoor adventurers.

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