BOOTS over the knee from ChiZmi ⭐ are the embodiment of feminine style: thanks to their cut, these superb boots give slimness to the silhouette, thus skillfully emphasizing their owner. With us you always get the modern classics of these boots not only at attractive prices, but also in countless color and design options, so choosing just one pair will be difficult.

The Italian design of the boots is considered a pioneer in terms of elegance and femininity around the world. Exquisite design details combined with clearly designed shoes and naturally skilful workmanship make boots in this style a key element of any fashion wardrobe. Chic boots above the knee are not only truly eye-catching, but also offer many design options. Whether the boots are chosen with dizzying heels or flat soles, they make something special out of every outfit. Browse our selection of models and find your personal favorites.

Not only cheap, but also infinitely variable, boots can prove their advantages in a variety of wearing styles. A sporty look is achieved when worn with skinny jeans. Here the shoe puts the user's feet in the right light, creates an optical point of reference for all clothing and a slim figure. In particular, minions take advantage of such a boot, which can add a few inches of height with fine heel. If a model with a flat, strong sole is chosen, then a safe and non-slip gait is almost guaranteed throughout the cold season. Women in knee-high boots who wear modern shoes with skirts look especially feminine. You need to pay close attention to the length of the skirt, because it should never cover the end of the boot. So not only is the body visually stretched, but it is also stylish. Of course, wide legs can be worn over wide boots. As a result, the appearance remains fine and inconspicuous, but the ideal comfort when wearing this type of boots is maintained.

As a real classic in boots, a pair of boots should not be missing in the shoe closet, because their flexibility helps to use them every day. Last but not least, as fashion should correspond primarily to the personal sense of style, these boots can lay the foundations of an individual wardrobe for many years without ever going out of fashion. Since chic boots are reasonably priced with us, it is worth choosing a few pairs so that you can wear the right boots with any favorite outfit. Whether made of ever-beautiful brown eco-leather or exciting black suede with extravagant fringes and rivets - boots like these adapt to any occasion and combine outfits to achieve a sophisticated look.

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